Equitable best practices for cultural organizations, municipalities, and creative workers

My Consulting Services

  • Building best practices and systems centered on equity
  • Pricing models centered on fair compensation for labor
  • Social practice ethics and community engagement design
  • Leadership coaching / mentorship for new leaders

Scope of Services

  • Short-term initiatives with specific goals (1 - 3 months)
  • Long-term initiatives (3 months - 1 year)
  • Workshops, talks, and presentations (1 - 2 hours)
  • One-one-one sessions (1 - 2 hours)

Consulting is the most effective during pivotal, foundational, and capacity-building times because these are times when an organization’s members are prepared to make changes and the structure is the most malleable.

I work closely with leadership and core team members. A good consultant is like a therapist and a vizier rolled into one—I’m an objective party who provides an outside perspective who also has the high level, big picture view necessary to help bring your vision and values into action.

As an independent consultant, I can also be brought onto larger teams to advise on and facilitate complex projects.

Building best practices, systems, and infrastructure including:

  • Pricing models
  • Fair compensation for labor
  • Language in agreements and organizational documents
  • Ecosystem building – what is this organization’s impact on the community?

Meeting facilitation focused on:

  • Creating equitable speaking space
  • Productive, effective use of group time
  • Clear action items and follow-up

Organizational behavior and work culture

Lean methodologies and process improvement

Leadership and mentorship

Building apprenticeship and mentorship programs

Arts-led gentrification and how to disarm it:

  • Ethics and best practices of the arts
  • BIPOC representation
  • Who benefits from this work and how?

  • Cultural organizations
  • Mission-focused for-profits
  • Small to mid-size nonprofits
  • Public sector
  • Nonprofit and community leaders
  • Independent artists and arts administrators (e.g. curators, community organizers)

My goal is to help align creative efforts with labor rights, remove systemic barriers in arts organizations, and help cultural leaders optimize and strengthen the impact of their work. I equip people with the tools to de-couple the arts from gentrification and instead center our labor on people and social good.

Together, we answer the questions, who does this work serve and how will it affect the surrounding ecosystem?

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