Artwork, Text, Logo, Brand, & Web Dev

    • From end-to-end: Ideation, artwork, writing, web development, and brand content by Jenie Gao.

    Photo Credits

    • Kirsty Blattner for taking photos of me for my bio and press kit and being a friend who can make me laugh in the process
    • Whoever the hell Tough Mudder hired, who captured that money-winning shot of me running through live electrical wire at the end of the obstacle course. If I ever end up in politics, I hope that's the picture the press gets a hold of.

    Web Optimization & Analytics

    • Beau Lynn-Miller, for your data analytics wizardry, making my website run more efficiently, hard work, honest feedback, and collaborative spirit

    All Hands On Deck

    • More friends than I can count, but I do my best to list everyone per project, event, and show.