Press Articles


"Creativity is about connecting different ideas, people, and perspectives to find shared purpose and solve problems."

Shepherd Express

May 2018


"Both subjects are fighting for their right to live."

Museum of Wisconsin Art

May 2018




"Imaginative precision that one will forevermore see an angry Alsatian with a gun barrel snout."

Shepherd Express

May 2018


"There is something old and retold about the stories in my work, yet renewed."

Wisconsin Artists Biennial 2018

Museum of Wisconsin Art | April 2018


"People move frequently between cities, states, and countries and encounter drastic points of view."

Dickinson County News

April 2018


"Large wall mural showing outstretched hands with a water-like blue background."

The Isthmus

March 2018


"Jenie Gao creates the colorful backdrop at Working Draft Beer Co."

Wisconsin State Journal

March 2018


"I hope it gets people to think critically about what they see..."

Artdose Art Guide

Spring 2018


"Gao wants to dispel the idea that original artwork is only accessible to the rich."

The Capital Times

October 2017


"Students from a variety of schools and nonprofit organizations worked with a professional artist..."

Milwaukee NNS

March 2017


"Personally rewarding for Jenie Gao, whose father was from China and mother was from Taiwan."

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Spring 2017


"Community involvement is essential to the installation’s theme."

Wisconsin State Journal

February 2017


"The act of creating art in an unfamiliar way can lead to personal growth and spark creativity."

The Isthmus

February 2017


"I fell in love with how printmaking is both an art form and a technology..."

The Capital Times

January 2017


"She’s done residencies in Argentina and Chile and now lands at..."

WORT Community Radio

January 2017


"They shared their stories with me when they crossed the border..."

Madison 365

December 2016


"The making of something meaningful is always an act of reciprocity."

Maker Faire Milwaukee

August 2015


"We become experts of our limits instead of discoverers of our potential."

Mam Chiloé

January 2015


"With modern trade it's' easy to forget that things we make have their origin in an artistic form."

Proyecto 'ace

January 2015


"Violent, yet intimate, suspended in moments of tension."

365 Artists, 365 Days

March 2014


"There is something decisive about putting things in ink and carving pieces out, forever."

Aesthetica Magazine

July 2012


"The first sign that I was serious about my craft was when I was two years old."

The Art List

September 2011


"It is not immediately obvious what lies at the heart of this series."

Journal Sentinel

August 2010


"Woodcuts by Jenie Gao in the Upper Gallery"

Journal Sentinel

July 2010


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