What I'm Doing Now


  • Living in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Working on two mural commissions in Madison
  • Curating art shows that feature the talent and creativity that I admire
  • Working with Dane Arts Mural Arts to establish and stabilize as a new nonprofit
  • Continue building and growing my art business. Three years of self-employment!
  • Constantly evaluating and tinkering with what I do, both for self-improvement and to become a better teacher for others
  • Spending time outside
  • Building the Jenie Gao Studio's online presence to sell more work on and offline
  • Writing for my blog, Learning to See, as a way to share stories on what I've learned with other people, to encourage a paradigm shift
  • Drawing
  • Reading
  • Driving a steamroller whenever the opportunity arises
  • Working on a book so I can pursue my childhood dream of becoming a published author
  • Keeping in touch with distant friends; having regular potlucks, dinners, and shenanigans with local friends; cultivating new friendships
  • Growing my community, at home and anywhere I go
  • Always game to meet new friends for a coffee, tea, or drink


Last update: February 14, 2018. Prompted by Derek Siver's Now Movement.