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For people who want impactful art and equity built into the process

About arts licensing:

Is there an artwork in Jenie Gao Studio’s portfolio that resonates with you that you’d love to use on a product, in a photo shoot, or another purpose? Are you interested in commissioning something custom and curious about your options for future image use?

Jenie Gao Studio offers arts licensing! Arts licensing is how you can acquire permission to use one of my artworks. It’s a great way for us to build a mutually beneficial partnership.

Healthy partnerships are rooted in fair agreements, value in labor, community stewardship, and great communication. Jenie Gao Studio’s image use agreements are built on a foundation of consent culture—it’s amazing that you want to work together! Let’s make sure we create terms that benefit all of us.

Jenie, Clint, and Ryan with the Working Draft van featuring Jenie's mural

Commercial licensing includes art for:

  • Products & Merchandise
  • Photo shoots (e.g. products, professional photographer’s backdrops, promotional campaigns)
  • Advertising
  • Models of ownership that benefit community
  • Both monetary and non-monetary purposes

Personal licensing includes art for:

  • Tattoos
  • Personal photo shoots (e.g. weddings in front of murals / art backdrops)

Jenie's artwork on a t-shirt for Boulders Climbing Gym

Payment Types:

  • Flat Fee: This is a total set amount and depending on the amount can be paid 100% upfront or broken into a payment schedule. This is the best option for one-time use arts licensing or limited edition runs of a product or ad.
  • Royalty percentage: This is a percentage of the retail sale price of a product. This payment type is best for an ongoing run of products that use an artwork.

Ready to work together?

I’m always happy to work with clients to come up with a payment plan that works for them.

Email to ask about arts licensing today!

But don’t just listen to me. Let's hear from a client on why arts licensing works well for them!

Art licensing for patio tent at Working Draft Beer Company


How We Gather, mural on Working Draft van

How We Gather, mural on Working Draft anniversary glassware

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