Getting to the root of what
makes us who we are

Equity for artists, communities, and ecosystems

Jenie Gao Studio is an anti-gentrification art business rooted in printmaking, public art, social practice, and storytelling, art forms that democratize space and create records for resilient, diverse stories.

Art is an innately human way to empower ideas. Out of 8.7 million animal species on Earth, we are the only ones who record images and information about others and ourselves. What we record elevates importance.

But empowering ideas is not enough. Alongside the physical outcomes of each creative project, Jenie Gao Studio builds best practices and systems that prioritize fair pay for labor and intellect, racial and gender equity, and community wellbeing.


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Jenie Gao Studio specializes in bold, contemporary artworks that ask the question, what is the landmark idea that represents who we are?

These are landmark ideas that claim space for diverse identities and connect us more deeply with our ecosystems.

TThese are landmark ideas for the fighters who believe in a more equitable world. The introspectors who cherish the power of stories. The stewards of spaces that deepen our social bonds and enrich our souls.

Your space should inspire and reflect you.

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Additional Info:

Header Image is of "米 mǐ | uncooked rice," Jenie Gao's installation of two woodblock tables and a represention of art world disparities through the lens of diaspora.