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Creativity is a muscle. The more we exercise it the faster we build connections between different ideas, people, and systems.

Art is a creative power that is uniquely human. Out of 8.7 million animal species on Earth, we are the only ones who record our image and the images of others. Art has the power to transform the spaces we share with one another—physical, mental, and emotional.

Jenie Gao Studio specializes in art with a commanding presence. This isn't "wallflower" art that matches your couch. This is art that generates conversation, claims space, and expands boundaries.

Do you believe in forward-thinking leadership, a creative economy, a diverse citizenry? Then let's work together to build the cultural landmarks and cornerstones of who we are.



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Jenie Gao is a full-time artist, creative director, and entrepreneur. She specializes in large-scale projects, printmaking, murals, and public art installations. She strives to make work that become cultural cornerstones and community landmarks. Send an email to set up your first design consultation or ask about available work.

Jenie's work connects the health of nature’s ecosystems with human relationships. She challenges the status quo by transforming familiar metaphors: the loyal dog becomes a fearsome policing agent, the harpie becomes the angel, the dove of peace becomes a messenger of war. Prior to founding her business, Jenie Gao Studio LLC, Jenie worked in for-profit and nonprofit businesses, in the arts, education, and lean manufacturing. Through her interdisciplinary work, Jenie advocates for creativity as a tool that builds connection, resilience, and community citizenry.

Jenie studied Printmaking/Drawing at Washington University in St. Louis. Her solo show, Survival Tools, debuted at Museum of Wisconsin Art in 2018. She has been artist-in-residence at Proyecto ´ace International Center for Visual Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Museo de Arte Moderno in Castro, Chile, the Bubbler at Madison Central Library, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory, and Bayview International Center for Education and the Arts. Jenie has artwork in public and private collections nationally and in the UK, Denmark, South Africa, and Australia.

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    Header Image is of "How We Gather," a mural commission for Working Draft Beer Company.