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Why I'm An Artist


I believe that creativity is about connection. Creativity is about connecting different ideas and people, and finding their shared purpose to start something new.

I believe that art has the power to transform the spaces we share with one another—physical, mental, and emotional.

I believe that art is a power that is uniquely and innately human. Out of an estimated 8.7 million animal species on Earth, we are the only ones who attempt to record our image and the images of others.

I believe in art as our uniquely human way of creating landmarks and the cultural cornerstones of who we are. This is what I do. I'm excited to share how with you.



Mural Art About The Migration Of People

Murals & Art Installations
Collaborative Art Exhibit

Curatorial Work

Woodcut Printmaking Process

Woodcut Workshops

Ink Drawings About Home And Security

Art Commissions

Art in Homes and Businesses by Jenie Gao

Art Rentals




Who I Am

In the king's court, only the jesters get away with critiquing the king. They do not seek the king's approval, and so they have it. They are honest, because they can make fun of themselves.

I challenge conventional wisdom and work frequently between different--often disjointed--disciplines. I'm a "Jen" of all trades, master of some, enough to be dangerous on others. I care about understanding the nuts and bolts of what I'm doing and what the effects are. You might enjoy knowing that I built this experience for you, from the website to the logo and branding.

Full-time artist based out of Madison, WI, primarily focused on large-scale artworks, murals, and installations. Send an email if you'd like to work with me.

Independent curator and arts consultant. Writer and old soul.

Lean methods practitioner. While I only consult in/for the arts these days and not for other industries' operations, I am forever a disgustingly precise human being. I alphabetize my spices.

Hiker, avid reader, adventurer, joker. Lifelong learner and teacher. Headstrong and inquisitive. Idealistic and realistic. Full of wonder, grit, and plans. An immeasurably lucky human being.

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