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Creativity is a muscle. The more we exercise it the faster we build connections between different ideas, people, and systems.

Art is a creative power that is uniquely human. Out of 8.7 million animal species on Earth, we are the only ones who record our image and the images of others. Art has the power to transform the spaces we share with one another—physical, mental, and emotional.

Jenie Gao Studio specializes in art with a commanding presence. This isn't "wallflower" art that matches your couch. This is art that generates conversation, claims space, and expands boundaries.

Do you believe in forward-thinking leadership, a creative economy, a diverse citizenry? Then let's work together to build the cultural landmarks and cornerstones of who we are.



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Additional Info:

Header Image is of "How We Gather," a mural commission
for Working Draft Beer Company.