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Why I'm An Artist


I enjoy making things, but that's not what makes me an artist.

I am an artist because I ask questions. I am an artist because my values fuel my decisions. I am an artist because I fall in love with people, places, and ideas. More so than a maker, I am an observer and a seeker. My work is the response to the conversations I have been a part of. It is a return of value. It is a thank you.


On Value


I value curiosity and observation. Artists don’t need to be starving, but we do need to be hungry. We need to desire more than we can accomplish in this life, to give when we do not have enough for ourselves, to get out of our comfort zones and explore, ask questions, and chase new discoveries.

I value the confidence to be genuine. To know and share who we are requires us to pare ourselves down to our basic elements. It’s easy to look good on paper, while under the nice resume and nice pictures is a reality that has no substance. Authenticity is scary, rugged, and absolutely necessary if we are to reveal the true beauty and simplicity of what's important in this life.

I value reciprocity. Infatuation is the elevator pitch--quick, shallow, and short-lived--because its perspective is one-sided. Love is the conversation. The act of returning love is vital to the depth of our understanding and the prosperity of our relationships.

We could replace the word “artist” in the above paragraphs with teacher, designer, engineer, human doesn’t matter how we title ourselves. The real point is that we live with intent.










Questions welcomed and encouraged.

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Header Image, Counter Intuition, ink drawing by Jenie Gao from the 2015 series, "A Test of Vision."
Bio picture with Angelica in the solo show, Learning to See, at Ploch Art Gallery.


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