Getting to the root of things to reach understanding.

Why I'm An Artist


To learn how to see things differently. To ask better questions. To get my hands dirty.

To study history. To act in the present. To improve for the future.

To master the art of change. To speak meaningfully. To share stories that act as both windows and mirrors.

To practice patience and persistence. To align my values with my decisions. To understand how creating something new always requires taking something else away. To then make work that honors and is worthy of the materials it consumes.

To be a student, and then a teacher. To change myself first, so that I may challenge others, and invite them to challenge me.










Thoughts, feedback, and questions encouraged.

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Header Image, Counter Intuition, from my drawing series, "A Test of Vision."
The nice bio picture is courtesy of the lovely Kirsty Blattner. The other one is of me running through electroshock therapy during Tough Mudder. It's for the press to use, in case I ever go into politics.


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