What We Cultivate

Private Painting Commission / Katie Bast Realtor / 2019

"What We Cultivate" expresses the idea of a home as something that is alive that we grow and nourish. It captures the intimacy of finding a home and the space we define for ourselves and our loved ones.

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There is a book I love called The Timeless Way of Building that discusses spaces and the patterns we build to create space as either alive or dead. It is up to us whether we perpetuate dead or living patterns.

Katie Bast Realtor commissioned this painting to stage homes with. The initial creation of the painting started at a promotional event for Katie. I live painted in a booth while Katie promoted her business, then took the painting back to the studio afterwards to finish.

300 Foot Community Mural Art 1

Finished Painting

300 Foot Community Mural Art 1

Watercolor Mockup Before Live Painting Event

300 Foot Community Mural Art 1

Katie Bast Realtor picks up painting commission

Title: What We Cultivate

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Original commissioned by: Katie Bast Realtor
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