Goodman Community Center

Collaborative mural with the students and Dane Arts Mural Arts / 2017

This project was led by Jenie Gao, Emida Roller, and Alicia Rheal representing Dane Arts Mural Arts, and the teens of Goodman in response to student concerns of violence in the community and teen suicide. We created the design with the students’ feedback, focusing on the quote, “The walls we build to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy.” The completed mural will be installed in Goodman's new teen center in 2018.

Mural Art In Progress of Eyes

Children Painting Eyes of Wall Mural

Kids Painting Eyes of Giant Mural Art

Community Mural Painting Process

Close-Up of Detail Painting Eyes on Mural

Overview of Mural Art about Violence and Teen Suicide

Detailed Sky and Brick Wall on Mural

Projector of Words to Paint on Mural

Overview of Mural about Violence and Teen Suicide

Overview of Mural Art at Goodman Community Center

Finishing Eye Details Painted on Mural

Close-Up of Crying Eye in Mural Art

Mural Art about Violence and Teen Suicide

Title: The Walls We Build to Keep Out the Sadness, Also Keep Out the Joy
Medium: paint on 24 panels of cement board, mounted Dimensions: 12 x 30 feet

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