The Golden Cage

(La Jaula de Oro)

Woodcut / Artist's Book / 2015

A story about a messenger pigeon who leaves what he knows in pursuit of purpose.

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I conceptualized, created, and completed this project during my three week art residency at Proyecto'Ace in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The story follows the life of a homing pigeon, who unlike other pigeons, leaves his home and what he knows, to work in a world delivering packages of no value to people with no heads. He is rewarded for his ambition with a life in a golden cage, delivering messages for heads that are not connected to the bodies they try to lead. He has a choice at this point, to be comfortable with his “reward” in life, or to face the conflict that follows promoting a different way of being.

The story concludes with the melting of the golden cages to join the heads and bodies, that the gold may highlight the places where people have been broken, for this is the history that makes us who we are, and therefore beautiful.

You can read more about this project and my time at Proyecto'Ace here.

Many thanks to Proyecto'Ace, for having me for this residency, to artist Barita Vincenti and master printer Adriana Moracci for your invaluable help printing the edition.

The Golden Cage 23 Detail:Pigeon and head

The Golden Cage 24 Detail:Back of book

The Golden Cage 25 Detail:Front of book

The Golden Cage 29 Detail:Book on table

The Golden Cage 30 Quote:You are not a bird, not a man

The Golden Cage 31 Detail:Tools

The Golden Cage 32

The Golden Cage 33

Title: The Golden Cage, Photos from the Exhibition at Proyecto'Ace
Medium: Woodcut on Rives BFK paper
Dimensions: 6 x 8 inches closed
Original available for purchase

The Golden Cage 02 Process: Initial sketches

The Golden Cage 07 Process: Cutting woodblock for prints

The Golden Cage 09 Process: Printing

The Golden Cage 11 Process: Applying gold ink

The Golden Cage 13

The Golden Cage 16 Detail of prints

The Golden Cage 20 Process: Jenie at work in the studio

Title: The Golden Cage, Photos from the Art Residency, January-February 2015
Medium: Woodcut on Rives BFK paper
Dimensions: 6 x 8 inches closed
Original available for purchase

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