Counter Intuition

Ink & Watercolor / 2015

Is it balance we should be after, or counterbalance? Can you counter your own nature and challenge your biases? Can you allow yourself to go down, so something (or someone) can go up? Can you entrust your wellbeing to the people you surround yourself with, to help each of us venture to the edge of our discomforts, so that we may return to a better understanding of each other, and find our common ground?

Counter Intuition
Counter Intuition Detail 2

Detail showing upper body, head, and heart.

Counter Intuition Detail 3

Detail showing outstreched hands.

Title: Counter Intuition
Medium: Ink & Watercolor on Paper
Dimensions: 20 x 30 inches
Original available for purchase

The Power Of Distance

Title: The Power of Distance
Medium: Ink on Paper
Dimensions: 20 x 30 inches

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